There is Another…

Hi everyone!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the 300 haikus I posted on here in 2015 and I’ve been humbled by the support and positivity you’ve shown me. Though I’m done with haikus, I have done and will continue to do other stuff which has rhymes in it (sometimes) and is of the same dubious quality you’ve come to tolerate.

I won’t be posting with the same regularity but I will pop up occasionally at and it would be great if you would drop by. I’ll put the metakettle on.



Not a Christmas Trio

History repeating

As the wheel rolls round
Same old patterns manifest
Why are we surprised?

Directing Bitterness Toward the Beautiful Cat Sleeping on the Arm of a Chair

You’re not in a tree
Not a majestic panther
Just a lazy cat

Straight Story Haiku Synopsis
Man on a mower
Dispensing words of wisdom
Without cutting grass